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Aerodynamics and Composites


This subteam is responsible for designing all the aerodynamic components of the car. The goal is to use these components to make the car more aerodynamic and, in doing that, improve the speed of the car.


We work alongside the composites subteam to manufacture the front wing, rear wing, sidepods, and more. We use Computational Fluid Dynamic software to help us visualize how the airflow will interact with our design, and see in what ways we can improve the design.


Our composites are generally made out of carbon or fiberglass; which acts as the structure, and resin; which acts as the binder. Our objective is to manufacture high quality parts designed by our Aerodynamics department. Composite parts can be as complex as a rear wing or very simple like a pedal face. Composites are used in every reasonable application in order to minimize the weight of the car.

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